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On Wearing a Suit

Here are five reasons why it might be a good idea wearing a suit to a business meeting with people you’ve never met before.

Don’t Require a Credit Card for Trials

I ran into a question at StackExchange. It came from a founder of a B2B Internet startup, who is tired of following up with unqualified leads. He believes that the low barrier free trial his company is offering is the culprit for their low quality. As a solution, he is contemplating asking for credit card [...]

Startups and The Balance of Love

At Seedcamp there were several startups, that target other startups as their potential customers. This is not unusual. There are many people out there giving professional help to startups in many different ways. However, this got me thinking about questions I asked a little late in my life. Do you like to interact with your [...]

Entrio and The Low Hanging Fruit

Entrio provides an event management platform with mobile tickets for organizers of small scale events. Online, mobile ticket sales seems like a popular business area for startups these days. Recently, I ended up using two different startups myself, one to register for the Seedcamp event and one to buy a ticket for the wine tasting [...]

Seedcamp Event Guidelines for Newbies

Last week I participated as a mentor at Seedcamp Ljubljana. For those who don’t know’ Seedcamp is an early stage micro seed investment fund and mentoring programme. They organize daily events across Europe where mentors and startups get together. This was my first time at a Seedcamp event or any event regarding startups. I am [...]