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-1 for Google +1 (the saga continues)

My blog post -1 for Google +1, in which I argued that no one is using +1 because there is no benefit a user gets from +1’ing anything,  generated a lot of comments here at this blog and at Hacker News. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. The comments really helped me to [...]

-1 for Google +1

While I was browsing through news stories at MSNBC.com, I could not help but notice the vast difference between the number of people recommended a story on Facebook and +1’ed it on Google. Here are some examples: Perry to announce campaign for president: Facebook: 997 clicks Google +1: 6 clicks Warrant singer Jani Lane found [...]

Google, Eric Berne circled friends first

I have two points to make in this blog post: Point 1: Eric Berne’s work is relevant to the discussion of grouping friends in social networks. He is the creator of transactional analysis for crying out loud. This discussion has its scientific justifications in his work yet nobody seems to be referencing it. It is [...]