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Will Google+ save +1?

Today Google announced that they are filling the gap between Google +1 and Google+. Users will finally be able to share the content they +1’ed with their Circles. It is noteworthy that in the announcement Google proudly mentions the number of times the +1 button appeared on web sites (about 2 billion) but does not [...]

-1 for Google +1 (the saga continues)

My blog post -1 for Google +1, in which I argued that no one is using +1 because there is no benefit a user gets from +1’ing anything,  generated a lot of comments here at this blog and at Hacker News. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. The comments really helped me to [...]

-1 for Google +1

While I was browsing through news stories at MSNBC.com, I could not help but notice the vast difference between the number of people recommended a story on Facebook and +1’ed it on Google. Here are some examples: Perry to announce campaign for president: Facebook: 997 clicks Google +1: 6 clicks Warrant singer Jani Lane found [...]