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Formspider vs. Apex

Every product is built to solve a problem. Before its implementation, its creators ask a question and come up with an answer which is the product. How should we stick nails to a wall was the question the creator of the hammer asked.

Formspider Presentation

Joysticks vs. Game Controllers If you allow me, I would like to talk about joysticks a little bit before I dwell into web, frameworks and application development, because I know we’d all rather play than work.

True Cross Browser Web Applications

Having a truly cross browser web application is like being truly happy. The moment you get there, someone is going to bring you up to date and ruin everything. And like happiness, you will never attain it if you chase it. And like happiness, it is a byproduct of devoting yourself to something that you [...]

İlk Yarışmacılarımızı Ağırladık

Birkaç ay önce Projekent bünyesinde bir yazılım yarışmasına sponsor olmuştuk. Yarışmanın konusu JavaScript ile yazılacak bir XML Editörü idi. Katılacak arkadaşlardan da en önemli isteğimiz, mutlaka arada bir ofisimize uğramaları ve bizden geri besleme almalarıydı. Bunun nedenlerini de açıklamıştık. Geçen günlerde çiçeği burnunda ilk yarışmacılarımız teşrif ettiler: Mert ile Mustafa. İkisi de cin gibi maaşallah. [...]

What Problem Domain Does Formspider Address?

Formspider addresses the same problem that Oracle Forms was built for, some twenty years ago: Enabling PL/SQL Developers build great enterprise applications with just PL/SQL. At its height, Forms was great for that. Its only programming language was PL/SQL. The applications built with it ran on any platform. For example, I built applications that run [...]

Open Letter to PL/SQL Developers

I am happy to announce that we officially launched the public beta program for Formspider, our rich Internet application development framework for PL/SQL Developers. If you are a PL/SQL Developer who is interested in new ideas and technologies, make sure you check out our web site http://www.theformspider.com. Formspider aims to fill the gap left by [...]