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Apple’s strategy leaked in a video…from 1988

I cannot help but share this video made by Apple…in 1988. The vision was always there. Now they are executing. Yalim K. Gerger (@yalimgerger)

Siri; The Artificial Intelligence Revolution has begun

In her interview with Fred Wilson, Carlota Perez, who inspired him greatly in forming his investment strategy, talks about five technological revolutions: 1) The Industrial Revolution (Machines and Canals) 2) Railways and The Steam Engine 3) Heavy Engineering using Cheap Steal 4) The Automobile, The Assembly Line and Mass Production of Electrical Appliances 5) The [...]

Steve Jobs’ best is yet to come

In his resignation letter, Steve Jobs said that the best days of Apple are ahead of it. He was only too humble to say that his best is yet to come.

Jobs has lighted our way

My father lives as if it is 1975. He refuses to interact with a computer. To put things in perspective, every member of the family owns at least one computer and presented the advantages of owning one to him repeatedly. He never even touched a computer and seemed genuinely offended by the presence of one. [...]