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30 people got killed, would like some fries with that?

Is it just me who finds this kind of advertising tacky? I am not trying to make a political statement or anything. Just take it all at face value: “30 people got killed. Now that we opened your appetite, would you like some fish&chips at half price?”

Is this really the right placement for this ad? Must all stories have an ad running?

A small piece of software can prevent these errors, if someone cares enough to put it in place. It seems to me that MSNBC.com does not care at all.

Yalım K. Gerger

  • http://www.facebook.com/maximgurvits Maxim Gurvits

    Everything’s like that. People are losing moral values, or simply put, taste. When they have live coverage of civilians in Syria being ripped to pieces, they break it off for “Malaysia Truly Asia” commercials.

    Media is like typewriters and publishers. It’s going out of business.

    I recently found out that you get much better and much quicker news if you follow reporters on Twitter and especially Google+. On G+ you can even talk with them in hangouts.

  • http://influads.com/ damiansen

    welcome to the wonders of google’s cashcow called “targeted” advertising.

    Technology trying to understand relevancy without understanding context and timing is plain dumb.

    My startup (small mention to InfluAds.com here) is trying to fight that by creating clusters around topics that are relevant to quality audiences and only accept advertisers that would be relevant to those audiences…