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Jobs has lighted our way

My father lives as if it is 1975. He refuses to interact with a computer. To put things in perspective, every member of the family owns at least one computer and presented the advantages of owning one to him repeatedly. He never even touched a computer and seemed genuinely offended by the presence of one. [...]

Will Google+ save +1?

Today Google announced that they are filling the gap between Google +1 and Google+. Users will finally be able to share the content they +1’ed with their Circles. It is noteworthy that in the announcement Google proudly mentions the number of times the +1 button appeared on web sites (about 2 billion) but does not [...]

Free advice to the remaining PC Makers

I was going to throw out this little article because I thought I am just declaring the obvious. But just when I was about to delete it, the news came that HP threw in the towel and I found the audience for the post. This article is solely for the benefit of laptop manufacturers that [...]

-1 for Google +1 (the saga continues)

My blog post -1 for Google +1, in which I argued that no one is using +1 because there is no benefit a user gets from +1’ing anything,  generated a lot of comments here at this blog and at Hacker News. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. The comments really helped me to [...]

Pisa Kulesi

Yedi sekiz yaşlarında, okul bitince annemin eczaneden dönmesini, anneannemlerde beklerdim. Büyükannem, büyükdedem ve anneannemle oturma odasında oturur, zamanın geçmesini beklerdik. O odada dururken, bir şekilde Pisa Kulesi’nin varlığından haberdar oldum. Sadece karakalem bir çizimini görmüştüm ama hikayesi, eğikliği beni büyülemişti. Karakalem çizimi ben kafamda renklendirdim. Kuleye açılan dar çamurlu sokaklar, ufak bir meydan, ortasında Pisa [...]

-1 for Google +1

While I was browsing through news stories at MSNBC.com, I could not help but notice the vast difference between the number of people recommended a story on Facebook and +1’ed it on Google. Here are some examples: Perry to announce campaign for president: Facebook: 997 clicks Google +1: 6 clicks Warrant singer Jani Lane found [...]

30 people got killed, would like some fries with that?

Is it just me who finds this kind of advertising tacky? I am not trying to make a political statement or anything. Just take it all at face value: “30 people got killed. Now that we opened your appetite, would you like some fish&chips at half price?” Is this really the right placement for this [...]

Google, Eric Berne circled friends first

I have two points to make in this blog post: Point 1: Eric Berne’s work is relevant to the discussion of grouping friends in social networks. He is the creator of transactional analysis for crying out loud. This discussion has its scientific justifications in his work yet nobody seems to be referencing it. It is [...]

Startups and The Balance of Love

At Seedcamp there were several startups, that target other startups as their potential customers. This is not unusual. There are many people out there giving professional help to startups in many different ways. However, this got me thinking about questions I asked a little late in my life. Do you like to interact with your [...]