Yalim's Lodge

The Third Place

When you are at your heart, reason disappears, love emanates. When you are at your heart, you don’t negotiate, you sacrifice illogically. Nothing makes sense yet everything is so sensational. A flood of emotions conquer your body. You are happy, sad, excited, bored but certainly not brilliant. At the heart, mind has no control over anything.

When you are at your brain, feelings vanish, reason triumphs. When you are at your brain, you don’t negotiate, you solve. Everything makes sense yet nothing tastes. Equations of facts crowd your sight. You are smart, mean, decisive, ungrateful, brilliant but certainly not alive. At the brain, thinking is so overrated.

When you are at your heart, anytime the brain intervenes it is a buzz kill. It tells you to be safe, to take care, to abstain, to refrain, to not feel so much. When you are at your brain, the heart is just a distraction. It blurs the vision, rationalizes the irrational, weakens the determination and promotes silliness.

There is a third place. At this third place, the interests of the heart and the brain align. Fear disappears, doing overwhelms. Everything inspires. Aesthetics become the purpose of being. You are poetic, novel, enchanting and content. At the third place you wonder why it is the hardest to enter and easiest to leave.

At the third place, you stop pretending. You begin.

Yalım K. Gerger @yalimgerger