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Wrapping PL/SQL Source Code and a Strange Bug (PLS-00753)

Wrapping process makes PL/SQL source code unreadable. Developers can wrap package specifications, package bodies, functions, procedures, type specifications and type bodies. Unfortunately triggers cannot be wrapped. To wrap the trigger code you need to place your source code to a package or procedure and call it from the trigger. There are two ways to wrap [...]

How to get DDL from Oracle dictionary programmatically

While you are happily developing PL/SQL with your favorite tool be it TOAD, SQL Navigator or SQL Developer, all of a sudden your boss comes and tells you that you have to extract all stored programs in your Oracle Database Schema and save them to the file system. Since you have 45678457 PL/SQL packages out [...]

Installing Oracle 10g R2 Using Oracle Public Yum Repository on 64 Bit Oracle Enterprise Linux

There are a lot of documents about installing Oracle database on Linux systems on the Internet. Most of them are quite complex and the remaining ones do not include Oracle Public Yum Repository installation. Below is a concise document that should get the job done. Preinstallation Tasks 1. Verify Kernel Version To start with, your [...]