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TROUG e-Business Suite SIG Toplantısı

E-Business Suite SIG etkinliği ile TROUG adına güzel bir günü daha geride bıraktık. Bu ayki etkinliğimizi Kıraça’nın sponsorluğunda Pera Müzesi’nde gerçekleştirdik. Bizlere teknoloji ile sanatı bir arada hissettiren Kıraça’ya çok teşekkür ederiz. Gün boyunca birbirinden güzel ve faydalı sunumlar izledik. Açılış Güne açılış konuşmaları ile başlandı. TROUG’un kurucularından H. Tonguç Yılmaz yaptığı giriş konuşmasında TROUG’un [...]

ORA-04030 and dbms_xslProcessor.valueOf

While reading values from XML nodes for a bulk operation, we encountered the “ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate…” error raised by dbms_xslProcessor.valueOf procedure. When I first searched the web, I found out that small PGA size or kernel parameters not large enough to allow enough RAM was the cause of the [...]

The 100th Confirmed Installation

When we made Formspider Installer available in February, we counted how many people are actually downloading it. After a while a thought came to our minds. PL/SQL developers from all over the world were downloading Formspider. But were they installing it? We had built a notification system to the installer that alerted us when an [...]

Let’s meet at Oracle Open World

This year, Formspider team applied to present at the Oracle OpenWorld via Oracle Mix. We submitted the presentation “Forms Modernization: The PL/SQL Way”. We believe Oracle Forms modernization is an important topic for many Oracle customers. We would like to share our experience and knowledge in how organizations can protect their Forms and PL/SQL investment. [...]

Free PL/SQL and Web 2.0 Training

Formspider, our Web 2.0 framework for PL/SQL developers, is moving ahead full speed. In four months and with just a $5/day Google AdSense budget, Formspider surpassed 500 downloads and 500 online users. We all would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are determined to help PL/SQL developers build amazing web [...]

Javascript vs. JavaFX

We built the XML Editor for the Formspider IDE in Java, because the original Formspider IDE was a Java Application. When we were preparing the Formspider Online IDE for the Web, we also had to move the XML Editor to the Web. In one of the brilliant moments of my career I told the team [...]

Caching Dynamically Generated Scripts

If static JavaScript or CSS files are served from the application server, we take it for granted that they are going to be cached by the browsers. However, dynamically generated content (Javascript and CSS in particular) could also be cached as if it is static and sent from the server only when it is changed. [...]

Aloha ICSSP 2011

We are thrilled to announce that our team member M. Serdar Biçer will present his paper “Defect Prediction Using Social Network Analysis on Issue Repositories” at the International Conference on Software and Systems Process, ICSSP 2011. His work generated great interest from the committee of reviewers and was one of the 18 papers accepted to [...]

Google Maps Api v3 Location Search with jQuery Autocomplete Plugin

When I needed Google Maps style auto complete in my application, I looked into a lot of JavaScript libraries but I couldn’t find a useful solution. Since I’m new to JQuery, at first I couldn’t realize how it simple all this was. With JQuery auto complete plug-in we can pull data from local or remote [...]

Formspider Available for Local Installation

We just made Formspider available for downloading and installing locally. This was important as there was quite a bit of interest in the local installation. The team tested the hell out of the installer but please, please, pretty please let us know if you run into any issues. Giving feedback is incredibly easy. If the [...]